I created the DWAM Facebook page in 2017 after meeting with my musician friend Sarah and realizing how much we benefited from each other’s support in reaching our goals. Since then, we’ve grown into a diverse group of performers, composers, engineers, and producers. As a composer and producer, my credits include music for video games, podcasts, vlogs, special events, and classical ensembles. I am an avid user of Ableton Live, and I’m browsing daily for new plugins and music gear. I also love practicing electric guitar and I am beginning to dive into the world of hardware hacking. Another hobby of mine is dancing tango, and I perform original tango music under the name Skull Witch. You can check out my music projects at


I’ve been a DWAM member since June of 2018. My main areas of expertise is production, recording, and songwriting. I have an obsession with Ableton Live, and use it almost exclusively, and I love teaching people about it and showing them the amazing things it can do. I really enjoy teaching audio, midi, and acoustics to people who are just starting because it shows them that it is an attainable passion. Another huge interest of mine is music gear and technology! I can talk about, read about, and watch videos about gear all day long. I go under the name Digital Mineralz for my own personal music. The best place to find my most up to date music is at Along with my music, I also have gear review videos on my YouTube. Thank you for your interest in empowering women to be involved in all areas of audio and music!

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Christine Hoang is an artist and sound producer living in Dallas, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the University of Texas at Arlington. She began her music production career in 2017; however, she has been an avid music enthusiast since she was a child. She is a recipient of the Diversity in Computer Music Scholarship at Stanford University’s CCRMA SuperCollider workshop.  Her multi-media practice explores environmental acoustic materiality through field recording, atmospheric composition, djing, deconstructing societal presumptions, and confronting issues regarding femininity in the age of technology. For more information, visit her portfolio at


I have been a member of DWAM since January of 2019. My primary discipline is singing I spent much of my career signing choral and classical music. I have had the privilege of singing along and gaining experience from some amazing musicians however, as I enter the next chapter of my life and musical career, I am eager to shake off the classical repertoire and flex my creative muscles. My new project is in the very beginning stages, but you can check back here for updates! I look forward to collaborating with other musicians and offering my experience and knowledge to all.

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Violet | Violeta is a Dallas-based artist and educator. She earned her BFA in Studio Art from The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and a MA in Aesthetic Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas. She’s been using visual language to tell stories for the better part of twenty years, and in 2019 seriously embarked on singing and songwriting. Joining up with DWAM has been a big part of her education, and you can hear her perform at local open-mics as Ms. Mirror. You can find more info on her IG,